Our goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of services and solutions in the integration of Hydrogen within production processes.

Development of technical and strategic studies

Novastoff provides consulting services in Innovation and Sustainability in Chile and abroad. Additionally, we constantly advise our clients on the adoption of the latest technologies available.


In particular we develop:

– Conceptual Studies or Proof of Concept (POC).

– Pre-feasibility studies.

– Feasibility Studies.

– Development of Pilots and escalation strategies.

– Identification of companies specialized in technical areas in the US and Europe.

Preparation of technical and economic proposals

With a vast experience in international business, Novastoff offers the preparation of technical and economic proposals to access different technical collaboration programs in various countries where Hydrogen is considered a key element of the new economy of the 21st century.


In particular:

– Preparation of Business Plans.

– Preparation of technical engineering proposals associated with the use of Hydrogen.

– Fundraising in Hydrogen-related projects.

– Networking with supply companies in Europe.

Project Management

Novastoff offers comprehensive project management services. After evaluating our customer needs, we offer a braod range of services from initial design to full compliance with safety regulations and standards.

In particular:

– Initial design and configuration alternatives.

– Project planning.

– Project Execution.

– Monitoring and Control.

– Safety Management.

Safety Management and Compliance

One of Novastoff’s competencies lies in deep knowledge of the hydrogen market in Europe. This allows us to offer sound advice to our clients in managing the safety aspects related to the use of hydrogen.


In particular:

– Safety handling within the supply chain.

– Codes and Regulations.

– International Certifications.