About Us

Novastoff is an innovation and sustainability consulting firm, specialized in the hydrogen fuel industry.


We specialize in providing comprehensive engineering services, technical studies and strategic advice on implementing hydrogen-based solutions, helping our clients to grow in a sustainable way.


We incorporate extensive experience and knowledge of the Hydrogen industry in each process we are involved, linking applied engineering and commercialization strategies.


Our initiative, experience, flexibility and extensive network of contacts are our most valuable assets that differentiate us from any other consulting company.

What do we do?

We cover the entire hydrogen value chain, from its production to its final use, including its storage and safety management.


Using local and international networks and infrastructures, we are able to advise our clients to find profitable solutions when evaluating the incorporation of hydrogen into their production processes.


Current Services:

– Technical and Strategic studies.

– Economical Studies and Financing alternatives

– Project Management.

– Safety Management and certification. 

 How do we do it?

Developing a 4-step multidimensional analysis identifying the most sensitive processes in the value chain. Later we develop specific action plans according to the needs of our clients.